Nutrition Club

Welcome to the Danville Weekend Lunch Bunch Nutrition Club!

The Nutrition Club provides supplemental weekend food to children at North, South and the Middle School each Friday during the school year. We all struggle at some point. The goal of this program is to ease a bit of the struggle. You are welcome to sign-up at any point during the school year. The food will be sent home in a cinch sack or plastic bag that can fit inside a school backpack. This program is the result of the generosity of the Danville community.

Please complete the form below for your entire family. You only complete one form per family. List all your children who you would like to participate. Each child in your family will receive their own food. The middle school will be a little more discreet with their delivery. Please talks contact us if you would like to talk this through.

If you have any questions about the program, please email Julie Randall or call 317-694-5097.

Please list all children in your home who you would like to receive supplemental weekend food. They must attend North, South or the Middle School. Enter up to 10 children.

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